Friday, August 17, 2012

How to Profit From Mobile Marketing For Your Business

Mobile marketing is a huge potential source of traffic, customers and profit for your business, but as yet fairly untapped. Yet, over the next three years, it is predicted that more than half current internet users will be accessing the web via mobiles and other handheld devices.

Mobile marketing offers a very personal kind of interactivity for relationship building with your prospects. It's not just about bombarding folk with text SMS marketing messages. Mobile friendly web sites and mobile applications mean marketers can reach a much greater target audience.

The statistics are pretty convincing and competition in the mobile direct marketing arena is still comparatively low.

Growth in mobile customers

World wide there are 4 billion people with mobile phones. In fact, there are almost five times more cell phone owners than laptops and computer owners, especially home internet ready.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The True Nature of Web Application Security: The Role and Function of Black Box Scanners

Why Web Application Security Securing a company's web applications is today's most overlooked aspect of securing the enterprise. Hacking is on the rise with as many as 75% of cyber attacks done through the web and via web applications.

Most corporations have secured their data at the network level, but have overlooked the crucial step of checking whether their web applications are vulnerable to attack.

Web applications raise certain security concerns. 1. To deliver the service (intended by design) to customers, web applications must be online and available 24x7x365 2. This means that they are always publicly available and cannot discriminate between legitimate users and hackers 3. To function properly web applications must have direct access to backend databases that contain sensitive information. 4. Most web applications are custom-made and rarely pass through the rigorous quality assurance checks of off-the-shelf applications 5. Through a lack of awareness of the nature of hack attacks, organisations view the web application layer as part of the network layer when it comes to security issues.